Our mission is to improve the ecology of southern Illinois while learning about the science and practice of restoration ecology.

The SIUC Restoration club was organized by students with the sole purpose of creating and managing native habitats on campus and the Southern Illinois surrounding area. The Life Science II prairie garden was initiated by plant biology students who saw a compacted, mud prone area and envisioned something better. This initial vision led a group of students to petition the student council for funds to begin the project. From these humble beginnings, the SIUC restoration club formed. Although the SIUC Restoration Club was established by students within the Plant Biology Department, its members and supporters are incorporated from various departments and organizations on campus. The club now comprises ~30 members who are active in planting, seeding, and weeding our campus restorations in addition to assisting The Green Earth Foundation and Giant City State Park manage their native landscapes. In previous years, the Restoration Club has removed Eurasian invasive species from Thompson Woods.