Campus Woods Work Day

Thanks to everyone who helped with the work day this past Saturday! We were able to treat a TON of multiflora rose and garlic mustard. A special thanks to Chris Evans for donating Garlon and a backpack sprayer as well as his sagely advice!

We are still hoping for a burn in the Campus Woods restoration over spring break so stay tuned for updates.

Seeds are IN!

Just got our seed order from Prairie Moon Nursery and Bluestem Nursery!

Cinna arundinacea (Wood Reed Grass), Hystrix patula (Bottlebrush Grass), Elymus virginicus (Virginia Wild Rye), Aster cordifolius (Heart-leaved Aster), Aster drummondii (Drummond’s Aster), Bidens frondosa (Common Beggar’s Ticks), Clematis virginiana (Virgin’s Bower), Helianthus divaricatus (Woodland Sunflower), and Solidago ulmifolia (Elm-leaved Goldenrod)!

This seed mix will be used this spring in the Campus Woods restoration.

Don’t forget about the Campus Woods work day this Saturday at 10 am! See the Upcoming Events page for more information.